CM/ECF Registration

NOTE: Updated October 26, 2015.

In order to become a registered user of CMECF in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Georgia, you must complete a user registration form. Please refer to the Clerk's Instructions for Administrative procedures for Filing, Signing and Verifying Pleadings and Papers by Electronic Means and Local Rule 5005-4 Electronic Filing prior to completing a registration form. There are three types of registration forms as shown below. If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk's Office at 478-752-3506, option #3, then follow the appropriate prompts.

Attorney or Trustee registration - for practicing attorneys

Limited Filer registration   - for filers of proofs of claim and other claim related actions, requests for notice, reaffirmation agreements and certain other documents
(NOTICE: A CM/ECF login and password is no longer required for filing, amending, and withdrawing claims. Please visit ePOC to file, amend, or withdraw claims electronically without a CM/ECF login and password.)

Filing Agent Registration - for attorneys and trustees to register an employee for a filing login.

Debtor Electronic Noticing - for Debtors wishing to receive court-generated notices and orders by email PDF attachment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need login or password assistance, please do not submit another registration form. Instead, contact the Court via email by clicking on this link, or by telephone at 478-752-3506, option 3.