In re Spratling Corp. (06-40614)

Creditor Wells Fargo Corp. (Fargo) filed an objection to the confirmation of Debtor's Chapter 13 plan. In his plan, Debtor proposed to bifurcate and cramdown Fargo's undersecured claim using ยง 506 of the Code as was common practice prior to the enactment of certain provisions of BAPCPA. The "hanging paragraph" of ยง 1325(a), which was added by BAPCPA and became effective on October 17, 2005, prohibits bifurcation and cramdown where (1) the creditor has a purchase money security interest; (2) the debt was incurred within 910 days preceding the filing of the bankruptcy case; (3) the collateral for the debt is a motor vehicle; and (4) the motor vehicle was acquired for the personal use of the debtor.The Court SUSTAINED Fargo's objection holding that in the context of the retail installment sale of a motor vehicle in Georgia, "price," for purposes of Georgia's purchase money security interest statute, can include monies paid for an extended service contract and gap insurance.

Friday, October 19, 2007