The electronic summons form described herein will be used for issuance of the Summons and Notice of Pretrial Conference in an Adversary Proceeding. Reference Rule 7004(a)(2) for authority.


1. Click here to open "Summons and Notice of Pretrial Conference in an Adversary Proceeding" This is a special PDF form with fields that can be filled in on your computer and saved for filing with the Court.

2. Use the tab key to move to the field to be typed in. Enter the necessary information and tab to the next field until finished.

3. Save the form to a file on your computer with a name that will be easily remembered for filing in the Court’s CM/ECF system.

4. File your Summons with the Court in the usual fashion by selecting the event "Request To Clerk To Issue Summons" under the "Adversary Other" category. One very important change: You must complete one summons for every defendant named in the complaint. You will then need to docket and attach your summons in one of two ways. First, you can docket the above "Request To Clerk To Issue Summons" as often as you have individual summons. For example, if you have 4 defendants, you will prepare 4 separate summons(es) and docket the "Request To Clerk To Issue Summons" in 4 separate entries to attach the individual images of the summons(es). Alternatively, you can combine all your summons(es) into one file then docket the "Request" one time.

5. Once the Court receives and verifies the information on the summons(es) matches the information contained on the complaint, we will electronically issue all summons(es) that have been submitted.

6. Upon notification from the court that the summons(es) have been issued, you will print the summons(es) and serve upon the named defendant(s).

PLEASE NOTE: All documents regarding this matter must be identified by both adversary and bankruptcy case numbers.