Local Rules and Clerk's Instructions

LBR 1002-1.  Petition – General. (added December 8, 2016 and amended November 1, 2019)

(a) Unrepresented Party Photo ID Requirement: Any unrepresented party filing a bankruptcy petition with the Court, to include both of the joint debtors and of petitioning creditors, shall provide a photo identification to the Clerk at the time of filing, either in person at the Clerk’s office or by mail, facsimile, or email filing. The photo identification may be a valid or expired government issued identification card. The photo will be appended to the petitioner’s Bankruptcy Form B121, “Your Statement About Your Social Security Numbers” and filed as a restricted document by the Clerk’s office. Failure to produce a photo identification will not prevent the Clerk’s office from accepting the petition.

(b) Pro Se Debtor’s Statement of Assistance Form: Any unrepresented party filing a bankruptcy petition to include both the debtor and the debtor’s spouse in a joint case shall file with the Court a Pro Se Debtor’s Statement of Assistance in the form found in the Clerk’s Instructions. Such statement shall be filed with the petition.

LBR 1005-1. Petition - Caption

In addition to the requirements of FRBP 1005, the caption of a petition shall indicate the chapter under Title 11 in which the petition is being filed. The initials of the bankruptcy judge assigned to the case shall be added by the Court upon filing.