Correction to Chapter 13 Plan and Opportunity for Public Commentary

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A typographical error was noted on our Local Chapter 13 Plan where a numbered paragraph is referenced that is no longer part of the Plan. Section 5.2 (a) of the Plan, General Unsecured Creditors, allows a percentage of dividends to be paid “…for the applicable commitment period as indicted in Part 2 Section 2.4.” In the revision of the Plan effective December 1, 2018, Section 2 of the Plan was amended, which caused a renumbering of the subparagraphs in Section 2. The corrected phrase should be “…for the applicable commitment period as indicated in Part 2 Section 2.3.” An Administrative Order correcting the change has been issued by the Court and is available on our Administrative Orders page. The updated forms have been placed on our Forms page. No changes to the Chapter 13 Plan are contemplated for the annual December 1 rule changes. The public is welcome to provide comments on the change to the Clerk at The period for public commentary will close on October 16, 2019.