Local Bankruptcy Rule 9004-1 Notice - Additional Information

Friday, February 5, 2021

Local Bankruptcy Rule 9004-1 Notice - Additional Information

The Court previously issued Administrative Orders 137 and 139, which require many hearings (including all Macon and Columbus Division hearings) to be conducted telephonically unless an in-person hearing is specially requested and approved. This has worked well for the past several months. To remove any doubt that hearings are being conducted telephonically unless specially set, we now ask, when scheduling future hearings, that the following language be added to notices filed in accordance with LBR 9004-1, after the date and location of the scheduled hearing:

“Please check the “Important Information Regarding Court Operations During COVID-19 Outbreak” on the Court’s website at www.gamb.uscourts.gov and refer to  Administrative Orders 137 and 139 for information regarding the telephonic hearing call-in number and participation codes for the judge assigned to this case. Call-in numbers and participation codes can also be found on each judge’s web page on the Court’s website.”

For all Macon and Columbus hearings,  the additional sentence will be added: “Pursuant to Administrative Order 139, unless the parties, prior to the hearing date, request and receive permission from the court for an in-person hearing, all hearings will be conducted telephonically.”

This temporary change will remain in effect until normal Court operations resume. The local rules will not be amended, as this is a temporary measure.

Additionally, when filing a Summons with the Court, in the Address block on the form, please note the telephonic hearing information call-in instructions in addition to the physical location of the hearing.