New Voice Case Information System

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Effective immediately, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Georgia has transitioned to the Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (MCVCIS), replacing the previous Voice Case Information System (VCIS).  MCVCIS is a system which allows the public to dial in to a court's database and access the latest information, including: case number; name of debtor(s) or parties; case filed (in)voluntarily; case filing chapter and date; filed as business/consumer; conversion chapter and date; if the case has assets; the attorney for the debtor; the trustee; the judge's name; the status of the case; claim deadline; discharge and closing dates; reopened and/or re-closing dates; disposition method; attorney's phone number and city; and the 341 meeting date, time, and place.

The toll free phone number for MCVCIS is 1-866-222-8029.

The old numbers for VCIS are no longer in service.