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Mon, 2020-05-11

AMENDED Administrative Order #126: Mandatory Telephonic Hearings

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Thu, 2020-04-30

Information Regarding Videoconferencing for Evidentiary Hearings During the Pandemic

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Thu, 2020-04-23

AMENDED Administrative Order #129: Verification of Papers Temporary Amendment to Local Rule 5005-4

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Tue, 2020-04-21

Adoption of Interim Rule 1020

Interim Rule 1020 has been adopted by the Court. The rule was amended by the Committee on rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States in keeping with the recently passed...

Mon, 2020-04-06

Administrative Order #134: Canceling In-Person Physical Appearances for Albany Hearings April 14-15, 2020

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Mon, 2020-03-30

Administrative Order #132: Shortening Rule 2002(a)(1) Twenty One Day Notice Requirement for First Meetings of Creditors

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Mon, 2020-03-23

Administrative Order #130: Regarding Admission of Direct Evidence Through Declarations

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Thu, 2020-03-19

Administrative Order #128: Valdosta Circuit Court March 24-25

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